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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I work from home?
    No. Our clients' reviews are preformed on-site for security and quality control reasons.
  • Can I work part-time?
    It depends on the project. Our clients strongly prefer review attorneys who can commit to a minimum of 37 hours per week. However, on occasion, there are projects that do not require a full time commitment, and part-time work might then be available.
  • Am I guaranteed a particular amount of hours?
    No. Synergy is a temporary staffing agency and only places attorneys on temporary projects of varying lengths. None of our temporary employees are guaranteed any minimum daily, weekly, monthly or annual hours or length of temporary employment. Further, there are never any such circumstances as a "reduction in hours" or a "lay-off" as those terms are commonly known. These projects begin and end and are sometimes temporarily stalled based upon a variety of factors that are beyond Synergy's or our clients' control.
  • Is overtime available?
    It depends upon the project, but only where the client has specifically authorized it in advance.
  • What is the average duration of a project?
    It completely depends on the project - anywhere between one week and six months, though the average project is two months.
  • To whom do I go if I have an issue at the workplace that does not involve the review of documents?
    You are a temporary employee of Synergy, not of our clients. You should report any such issues to your Synergy placement director. Further, it is the policy of Synergy to maintain a safe and professional work environment free of harassment and discrimination for all of its employees. Synergy strictly prohibits all forms of unsafe work conduct, discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment) of any temporary employee based upon that person's race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, FMLA status, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local statute, ordinance or regulation. Synergy is committed to the prevention of any and all impermissible discrimination and harassment. All members of management and other employees are protected by this policy and responsible for ensuring that harassment in violation of this policy does not occur. Complaints about all such impermissible conduct should be promptly brought to your Synergy Placement Director’s attention and will be immediately brought to the attention of the President of Synergy for investigation and resolution. All such complaints will be kept confidential within the necessary boundaries of the fact-finding process. Further, Synergy strictly prohibits retaliation against any person by another employee or by the company for bringing such impermissible conduct to Synergy’s attention.
  • What if I’m not a member of the Bar?
    Our clients also accept candidates as review attorneys who have imminent plans (no more than one year away) to take the Bar exam for the first time in a state, or who are awaiting their results. They accept review attorneys who are active or inactive members of any state bar association, so long as they are in good standing, and "inactive" status does not require the candidate to retake the Bar examination in that state. However, some clients require that attorneys on a particular project be already admitted to a bar of any state.
  • Can I work at Synergy if I have been disbarred or disciplined by the Bar of any State?
    No. Our clients represent to their clients that Synergy's temporary document review attorneys who have been admitted to the bar are in good standing and have not been disbarred or disciplined by the Bar of any state. Synergy checks Bar admission status during the interview process and does periodic audits of good standing status throughout the year. All of Synergy's temporary document review attorneys are expected to advise Synergy of any adverse change in Bar status. An adverse change in Bar status will result in the immediate removal from a project.
  • How much notice is given before starting a project?
    We give our reviewers as much notice as possible - as much notice as we get from the client. However, often project start dates are moved or delayed due to things outside both Synergy and its clients' control, such as data issues and client driven matters. You will be contacted by phone and/or email and will receive a "welcome email" that sets forth the details
  • Who do I call if something comes up and I am unable to report to work?
    Contact your Synergy Legal Placement Director
  • My Synergy representative has told me that there are no current openings, yet I see that Synergy is still advertising for temporary attorney reviewers. Why is that?"
    Synergy needs to have a constant supply of potential temporary attorney reviewers that are interviewed, reference checked and ready to work in case attorneys who have already worked at our clients are unavailable for that particular project.
  • When will my direct deposit activate?
    As long as you input your direct deposit information into the Paylocity Self-Service website by the Monday before pay date and as long as there are no errors with your account information, you will have direct deposit on your upcoming pay check. Please make sure you key in your correct account information. If you keyed in the incorrect account information, your pay check will not be deposited into your account and we will not be able to reissue a regular pay check until the Friday of the following week when our payroll company informs us that your direct deposit was rejected. Synergy's pay frequency is bi-weekly (every other week). Pay weeks end on Friday and our pay date is every other Friday. We run a paperless payroll. This means if you have direct deposit you will not receive a pay stub from us. Instead, your pay stubs can be viewed and printed online via secure user ID and log-in. Those individuals who do not elect to take advantage of direct deposit will have their pay checks sent to them via regular mail on the pay date of each payroll week. Please take care to ensure that the address-on-record for you is up to date.
  • How can I update my federal allowances?
    Update your federal withholding allowances by logging into the Paylocity Self-Service Portal and clicking the Tax Exemptions link found under the Pay menu. If you wish to file exempt from federal or state taxes, fill out and sign the Federal W-4 and/or State withholding Form for the current year and fax it to (704) 973-9118
  • How can I obtain copies of my W-2?
    Copies of your W-2 can be obtained by logging into the Self-Service system of Paylocity. Once logged in, under the Pay menu click View Checks and then click Tax Forms
  • I forgot my username and/or password in Paylocity, how do I reset it?"
    In the Paylocity login page,, click the “Need Help” link found in the Username and/or Password fields.
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